The Science of Social Media Advertising

The Science of Social Media Advertising

Advances in Social Media marketing offer unprecedented opportunities to reach consumers in an increasingly personalized way. This type of targeting allows advertisers to use their existing customer relationship management (CRM) database to find potential high-value consumers. For example, on Facebook, where people express their unique identities, brands can precisely target their audiences and personalize their interactions with people in a way that creates lasting and powerful impressions.

This article aims to determine the impact differences between the presentations of two types of marketing messages in an advertising campaign. This means responding to the question of whether selling marketing messages by directing a consumer down the marketing funnel is more effective than providing just one call-to-action strategy (frequency control).


Little has been published about effective dissemination strategies that can contribute to broader media decisions. We believe that an ad sequence to tell a brand’s story before encouraging people to take action will outperform a lengthy CTA message. In addition to traditional media, digital media offers a unique opportunity to bring individual consumers into the marketing funnel by sequencing ads. It also gives marketers more control over the frequency and pace of their messages, person-to-person.

This white paper contains the results of a US advertising survey jointly conducted by Adaptly, Facebook, and Refinery29, a fashion, and style website. The survey is designed to help advertisers improve ad creative diagnosis, optimal frequency, and order on Facebook.