See why you should use audiovisual marketing

See why you should use audiovisual marketing

The advertising world has changed a lot lately and consumers have very specific needs and demands like audiovisual regarding the format of their ads. The idea of ​​having to read something is a big hurdle for the modern consumer. Instead, they want visual and audible stimuli that are easily accessible and direct. Video and audio are becoming an important part of many companies’ marketing strategies, and if you don’t keep up, your ad response will drop significantly. If you post an ad with a lot of written content and another company posts a video, there are no prizes for guessing which consumers will use it.

88% of marketers say videos are an integral part of their strategy and 69% of consumers say they prefer videos over reading. Why exactly does this happen and how can you benefit from it?

Tell a story through audiovisual 

Old marketing strategies focused on quantity. The idea was that if you first bombard people with a lot of ads, you would buy their products. But attitudes are changing and people, especially the younger generation, want more than just publicity. They want something that tells a story. It’s hard to do with a written description, but a video or podcast is something else.

With a video, you have a character that people can connect with and a story they can follow. It has a value beyond its normal advertising function. There are some great examples of companies like Estrella taking this concept to the next level, producing professional shorts featuring Hollywood’s top stars.

Seek attention

It’s easy to scroll through a written paragraph or pass a billboard, but the video and audio stand out. For example, if you’re at a business event, you need something that holds people from afar. It’s not a show, but if you have good sound systems for events that play good music, people will follow the sound and find your booth. It works so well with videos. One of the best examples of using video to get people’s attention is the autoplay feature on Facebook. Play them while browsing to stop watching.

Better information

In fact, a video is much more informative than a written or photographic advertisement, especially when it comes to product functionality. You can tell people how good your product is and explain what it can do, but they won’t just take your word for it. But when you show it on video, there’s no denying it. Help people understand exactly what your product looks like. It’s also great to post how-to videos on how to use the product after people buy, so they can be sure they get the most out of it.

If you don’t use your video well in your marketing campaign, you simply won’t be able to compete and your profits will suffer.