In-App Advertising and Its Many Benefits

In-App Advertising and Its Many Benefits

In-App Advertising: We consume dozens of apps, today we open more mobile apps than doors. According to one study, apps mainly attract the attention of consumers. According to eMarketer, we spend 26% of our time on online media and 88% of our mobile time on the app. However, there are some differences between the amount of time people spend on an application and the amount of money allocated to the medium. The use of the cell phone is done by each one and the use or any other modification is by the preferences and habits of each one.

This makes personalization and personalized advertising ideal for In-App Advertising.

  • Exact ad target in-app

Have you ever wondered that after you search for a specific watch on an e-commerce site and then open your social media app, there’s an ad in the app that advertises the same product? This is the magic of accurate in-app ad targeting. There is an advanced data tracking and user segmentation that allows In-App Advertising to target their target audience with precise precision based on their needs or desires.

  • Usability of in-app ads

In-app ads are a great monetization strategy for mobile publishers, paying app developers to free up space in their apps for paying companies. Whether you’re playing games, accessing social media, making an online purchase, or using a specific dating app, ads appear in the corner of the app. He created the main in-app ad marketing channels for brands and agencies. Here are some reasons why in-app ads work so well.

  • Private market and programmatic companies

Personalized programmatic presentations are an effective way for in-app advertisers to present their campaigns to the target audience at the right time, with greater transparency and control. It is an effective tool for optimizing stock, pricing, and campaign. Purchasing advertising space through these transactions also creates a direct connection between the advertiser and the publisher. Advertisers can choose in the private market and open businesses.

  • Follow users in the app

Each mobile device has a unique Device ID that allows advertisers to identify the user’s active environment in the app. It helps to be a true people-oriented target because mobile devices are the user’s personal devices. Device IDs also last 21 months, 630 times longer than the average cookie.

The best in-app advertisers and service providers

Here are some of the best in-app advertisers and service providers that can help you create and manage the best in-app ad campaigns:

  • Google Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange is part of Google Ad Manager. It is by far the best ad network for publishers as it connects with top advertisers and covers AdSense demand. You can access favorite trades, filter and block, set stock as branded or unbranded, dynamic allocation, and other niche features.

  • PubMatic

They provide a wide range of digital advertising platform services to publishers and app developers with their Open Wrap SDK, which helps define captions for ads in the mobile app. The SDK is lightweight and connects to multiple on-demand cloud partners, which in turn improves application performance and brings competition to your ad inventory.

  • Smaato

It is a real-time mobile advertising company serving more than 90,000 publishers, 10,000 advertisers, and 90% of Ad Age’s 100 brands. With its network, you can reach over 1 billion global users with mobile devices. The publishing platform is called SPX, which provides access to an ad server, RTB ad exchange, private market, and much more.

  • AdMob

AdMob is also owned by Google and has been operational since 2012; they serve over 200 billion ad requests every month and refer to 1 million advertisers and currently have 1 million shows on their network. You can cross-sell to another app for free using domestic ads, trade directly with advertisers, and automatically update through Google Play Services.

  • RhythmOne

The exchange gives publishers access to hundreds of demand partners in their network and also provides solutions for accessing these claims in multiple ways. It works both ways, that is, through the header and offer a tool of the client label or through the Google, Exchange offer on the server.

The best way to be successful with your in-app ads is:

  • Learn about the mobile programmatic advertising supply chain to understand where your ad is going
  • Focus on premium publishing with only a small number of delivery partners
  • Choose the classic mobile banner ad for an affordable, large-scale in-app advertising campaign.
  • Create full-screen ads for maximum visual impact on users

Some of the best in-app ad statistics you can imagine

  • Only half of smartphone owners today don’t do searches on their cell phones
  • According to the GSMA, there are more than 8.9 billion mobile connections or end-users worldwide.

It can be said that we can easily conclude that in-app advertising is the future of marketing and advertising and that the future is growing and responding today. Your brand and your business will greatly benefit from in-house advertising as app usage increases.