Marketers hopeful for late 2021 in-person conferences

Marketers hopeful for late 2021 in-person conferences

As virtual events take root in the community, attendees will have a clear idea of the cost and format, based on our recent participation in the event.

The already low expectations of marketers to be able to attend the events in person this year have peaked based on our recent participation in the event, which is not surprising, as the planet has already reached the black mark of 1 million COVID. 19 related deaths this week.

Despite concerns about the second and, in some cases, the third wave of the virus, many of the 350 professionals interviewed began traveling after the second semester and attended conferences, meetings, or others. 2021 .. live. life.

As expected, sentiment reached two out of ten in 2020, a new low since we started asking the question in May. Optimism increased to four in ten when asked about the likelihood of attending face-to-face meetings in the first half of 2021.

But our marketers are looking forward to the events in the second half of 2021.

This growing optimism is possibly related to the expectation that an effective and widely accepted vaccine will be available soon. There are currently several phases three tests in humans and some are already producing an immune response in guinea pigs.

Without a vaccine, nearly 68% of respondents said they would only participate in virtual events until the first half of 2021.

Virtual or failed

In particular, the seizures involving COVID-19 caused great financial stress for financial organizers, but many companies have managed to turn their opportunities into an online or “virtual” experience.

“I was a little cynical about how it would work,” said  CEO  at a recent MarTech Live session. “But you know, I think it works, and we’ve seen examples of companies asking for virtual opportunities and doing well,” she said.

In fact, 67% of the marketers we surveyed said they would pay to attend virtual events. While the vast majority of people said they would pay between $ 99 and $ 499, only a small number said they would pay more than $ 499.

“It’s all about quality,” Brearton said, but it’s also about the unique experience the virtual approach offers to event organizers.

“This ability … to sign up, sign up and make it available to people at the right time,”, “is part of the success plan.”

We also found that our data was confirmed. 

Only 18% of respondents said virtual events are preferable to traditional planning in less than days, like most daily events. About 35% prefer a half-day program split over a few days. But 47% told us they prefer to schedule virtual events for only a few hours a day, which covers a much longer period.

During this pandemic, we will continue to report on our Opportunity Index to determine how the community thinks about business travel and opportunities.