Back to school looks very different this year

Back to school looks very different this year

Know that virtual and online schools are on the rise and parents are using research to learn and do more.

Back to school may depend on the state and school district, but one thing we do know is that going back to school doesn’t seem like something we’ve seen in the past. As cases of COVID-19 increase in the United States, local states and school districts respond differently. Some require masks and slides nearly six feet away, others are excellent rides for kids that can come in person, and many prefer to be completely virtual. The survey is unique in that the questions provide a unique picture of people’s feelings and what they like best. As for the school, with all these unknowns in the new school year, parents and teachers seek advice, seek answers, buy materials, and find humor in uncertainty. Here are some of the trends we are seeing:

What is the “virtual school”?

Online education has gained popularity in recent years, but traditional primary and secondary education depended largely on face-to-face education until virtual learning accelerated rapidly with COVID-19. Between March 1 and August 1, 2020, the virtual school experienced a 238% increase in polls, many of which were geographically specific, with states or school districts containing the most virtual surveys. Parents are trying to understand how virtual education works and how to successfully help their children while learning virtually.


Parents, students, and teachers faced extraordinary challenges as education changed overnight from personal to virtual. As schools announce their virtual and personal plans for the next school year, more and more parents are exploring homeschooling as an option. When parents consider their fall options, they look for homeschooling programs and programs to educate them about their decisions. Research and study programs increased 2.9 times from the beginning of July through the first week of August as more school plans were announced in the United States.

At the beginning of COVID-19, the quest for ‘better homeschooling’ was discovered as parents sought guidance and information to better educate their children. They saw a new phase in June and July, as the districts began to announce their plans for the school. In total, the search for ‘better homeschooling’ was 90 times greater than before the launch of COVID-19.

Help out! We need a table

Many families have found that they are not well equipped to send their students home. When the school moved home, parents began looking for the needs of a virtual or hybrid school experience at home. For example, the agency’s research has grown rapidly from pre-COVID-19 levels. As we approach the new school year and many schools are still virtual, the number of weekly surveys is ten times higher than at the beginning of January. As some categories of school supplies increase, the number of searches in many traditional categories is declining. For example, in the first half of August there was an increase in the demand for backpacks, and this year the volume is 50% lower than in 2019.

This homeschooling thing is hard, I need humor.

While parents can break the balance, prepare balanced meals, and find continuity in their children’s education, parents struggle. I’ve seen many parents share funny stories, jokes, and memes on my social media feed. The research we see also reflects the following: Parents want to share a recognizable frame of mind to find relief and commitment in the midst of the pandemic. The search for girls studying at home and online was 45 times greater with the incidence of COVID-19 and is now about 20 times greater than at the beginning of the year.

Is the school safe?

In countries returning to school, parents wonder what it will be like and whether it is safe for their children. They analyzed the risks and corrective procedures that schools would follow. The study also reveals concerns that school-age children have spread COVID-19 to older family members, with people appearing to be ‘high-risk adults returning to school’ and ‘worried and anxious about caring for my grandchildren after being back. parents seek because they feel compelled to make the best decision regarding the return of the child to school.

What is the impact on advertisers?

As the world adjusts to a new standard, consumers are committed to asking questions and achieving their goals. Know that virtual and online education is a top priority for those returning from school and that parents are using research to learn more and do more. According to a survey by Advertiser Perceptions, marketers plan to spend more on digital advertising this school year through eCommerce strategies and flexibility. Advertisers can send parents and contact messages related to what they think. Think about how you can adapt your audience’s keywords, presentation, and strategies to account for different school experiences and how they differ in the school district. If you’re a retailer, consider how responsive shopping campaigns, ad extensions, and search ads can showcase your products to parents looking to create the right homeschooling environment.