Don’t miss out on the most unpredictable holiday season yet

Don’t miss out on the most unpredictable holiday season yet

5 Advertising Tips To Involve Online Buyers From Black Friday To Cyber   Monday And Beyond

What should advertisers know about Black Friday and Cyber   Monday? What do we know so far about holiday trends in 2020? How should your brand personalize your ads and messages? Let’s find out.

If we navigate uncharted waters during the holiday season, changes in consumer behavior may lead us to believe that the shopping holiday started earlier than usual, with Amazon’s first sales taking place in October. Consumers rushed to Prime Day to start shopping for the holidays, bringing Amazon’s third-party sellers to more than $ 3.5 billion, almost 60% more than last year.

In the early days of COVID, consumers traded their stock purchases and other online purchases due to store closures and concerns. According to eMarketer, e-commerce sales in the United States will amount to $ 794.50 billion this year, an increase of 32.4% from the previous year. E-commerce sales accounted for 14.4% of all retail spending in the United States this year and 19.2% in 2024. Online shopping is so strong that it will reduce profits by 3.2%. year.

Your business may have started well or gained momentum after Prime Day, and now you’re thinking of expanding your winning streak and expanding it in the coming months. Microsoft Advertising is here to give you more information on how to advertise at any time of the year.

Here are five tips to prepare for the success of Black Friday and Christmas:

1. Optimize your year-end campaigns to reach online buyers at the end of the year

Consumers now have more confidence in research than ever before. There has been a tremendous increase in research growth as consumers around the world have sought a lifeline in light of COVID-19 restrictions.

This, along with other lifestyle changes, led to an 18% increase in tablet searches, while desktop searches were 8% higher than before COVID-19 in the United States, reports eMarketer. More and more people are using the search function, even on weekends, with a 12% increase in volume. This is double the growth in search volume during the week. Consumers also watch outside office hours, which are open from 5 pm.

Make sure your holiday campaigns are already underway to answer this question. Advertise early and talk to non-traditional buyers and tourists. As they say, the first advertiser gets the first customer.

2.Promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In the weeks leading up to Cyber   Week, there are plenty of Black Friday and Cyber   Monday specials, where retailers regularly complain about Thanksgiving products. And with good reason: Cyber week has the highest sales volume at the end of the year and the highest consumption spending.

Black Friday Thanksgiving and Cyber   Monday are expected to launch this year. Cyber   Monday will once again be the largest online shopping day in US history, with sales of $ 12.89 billion, which is 38.3% higher than last year. Black Friday is expected to be the second biggest day of the season, with 39.4% to $ 10.2 billion.

And what are the main categories for buyers this year?

• The buyer intends to purchase gift certificates, clothing, toys, and games.

• 65% expect to have one or more opportunities.

• Our research shows that 30% buy Christmas presents for their pets during the holidays.

Use this information to set up your Black Friday and Cyber   Monday advertising campaigns and show them to the public.

3.Reach a high-quality audience

Consumers turned to agencies at the start of the pandemic and still rely on them for their research needs. In fact, nearly 70% of e-commerce sales in the first quarter of 2020 went to desktops.

While COYVID-19 retail research and the local economy grew year after year, some categories grew faster than others. Popular shopping categories in recent months include apparel, small electronics, and skin products. In the search for food and groceries, the annual limit was increased by 44% as consumers stayed at home, delivered food and groceries, and far fewer people went to restaurants.

As childcare for working parents has changed and online and distance learning has become the new norm, consumers are looking 36% more per year for computers and other electronic devices. The move to home entertainment and work has resulted in the home & garden category growing nearly 30% annually and the beauty & personal care category growing 23% annually. in the United States, they had to change their beauty routines due to the closure of COVID-19 salons and spas.

Advertisers can reach a valuable audience on Microsoft’s Search Network if:

• Users are 97% more likely to be 10% more profitable than the average internet user.

• Unique users spend 25% more online than the average internet researcher.

After these changes in the category and with the consumer, think about how you can adapt your business or service to the new consumer behavior and how you can achieve this with authenticity where it occurs.

4.Stay away from the crowd online

With the rapid increase in the number of e-commerce sales and sellers, advertisers will need a way to get noticed by the thousands of ads that are sure to grab the attention of online buyers. Use interesting ad personalization tools to increase future sales and improve your text ads.

Microsoft’s Search Network can help you reach consumers who are planning to buy, so target your audience by applying public bids to holiday deals and shopping campaigns.

Product recommendations for December:

• Bookmarks for downloading local ads

• Commercial promotions

• Dynamic remarketing and standard marketing

• Target groups in the market

• Dynamic Search Ads and Responsive Search Ads

• Adjust the countdown

• Call extensions

Finally, use seasonal best practices to use shared budgets to manage transactions and budgets to ensure you are competitive on your last vacation.

5.Get angry – Complete e-commerce for the holidays

Today, Bose is a leader in the audio industry with products that range from wireless sports phones, portable speakers, smart speakers, noise-canceling headsets, and other audio equipment. In a competitive and growing market during the 2019 holiday season, Bose had to put its products and brands in the middle of the conversion. To achieve these goals, the agency Bose MediaCom used Microsoft Advertising to promote sales and offers, amplify the brand message, and create compelling calls to action.

MediaCom has created more than 50 remarketing audiences to target visitors with presentations and messages highly relevant to previous visitors. To expand their audience, they used lists selected by market researchers from different market groups and used similar audiences to target buyers who resembled Bose’s current customers.

Their efforts have paid off. Bose achieved a 69% increase in clickthrough rate (CTR) on its paid search ads from Black Friday to Cyber   Monday YoY. Additionally, the market’s target audience has a 28% higher CTR than visitors who haven’t heard it yet, as well as a 21% higher success rate. In fact, 47% of all visits to the Bose website can be attributed to the use of the three hearing enhancement features.

Tips for the latest Christmas promotion

Remember, consumers are starting to buy a survey. In fact, 57% of consumers search when they don’t have a brand in mind, and 91% of Microsoft’s searches are not identified with a brand during the holiday season of 2019.