Reasons why not to buy a shiny new thing

Reasons why not to buy a shiny new thing

Before you dive in, you really need to think about whether you can really take advantage of the new technology.

The Martech room is filled with shiny things, usually with a hint of alphabet soup, such as CDP, DAM, DSP, iPaaS, etc. While everything is brilliant, there is a legion of vendors and evangelists behind it. So why do I want to buy something shiny or not? We are not crazy, are we?

Here are some compelling reasons not to buy something shiny, even if others disagree.

Security permissions

Information security is extremely important and every organization has different threats and risk tolerances. If a smart thing requires a lot of information about people, it will raise red flags. If it has to integrate with many other components in the stack, it will complicate the evaluation. If the genius thing offers value but many jumps and jumps, it might not be worth it.

Existing contracts

Something bright can do a lot of interesting things. You may already have products that do these things. Overlapping work does not necessarily have to be an agreement; sometimes it makes sense to have a dual function. For example, a link checker can certainly see if a website is up, but is it good enough to keep up with the times? That said, some of the applicable features are provided by-products that have a significant amount of time left in a contract period. While the smart thing may be appealing, it may not make sense before an existing contract expires. (Hint: Think carefully about multi-year contracts. Of course, the seller will buy well, but what if things change, like something brilliant?)

Concern for the website

For a good cause, a text should be placed on a website. Any text added to a website will affect the load time. Recruitment speed is an important factor for many other considerations such as conversion rates, UX, and SEO. The Shiny-thing sellers will of course claim that it will not take long, but their considerations and criteria do not match yours. There is a chance that the genius thing outweighs the cost of the speed of the website, but there is also a chance that it is not. You only know when the script is enabled and active on a website. (Hint: Identify other sites that use this tool. Use browser pages and developer tools to see how it affects them.)

Purchases from interested parties

I see the value of something brilliant, but I don’t work alone. It certainly has an advantage in teaching others from my point of view, but no one always has an advantage. There are many reasons why other stakeholders don’t see the same value in something brilliant. Maybe they had used it before or something, but things weren’t as magical as they expected. There may be other higher priorities on the list. The company can measure its performance with parameters that do not help it to be brilliant. They may also have valid reasons not to drink charcoal.

Stack and integrations

Batteries are complicated! There is a lot to coordinate and integrate. Creating a harmonious symphony requires effort and thus harmony is maintained. Adding a new component takes work and dedication. Besides the cash prize for something brilliant and all the work to make it work at the same time, there are all the other costs associated with evaluating competing priorities. Shine can only justify the expense and effort up to a point.

Institutional investments

Clear things don’t shine on their own. They need dedicated sponsorships and qualified users. This includes prioritization and training, along with an implementation phase. It is not uncommon for the designated lead sponsor to sponsor many other products and initiatives as well. They have limitations and must act accordingly, which can cost you something brilliant. The “owner” of the genius thing also has a lot to do and suddenly a new unexpected project related to execution and ownership may appear. As smart as it is, it’s by no means the only smart thing.

FOMO, for example, is that smart things have their reasons that make you wonder if something is missing. However, there are many reasons not to buy the hype. Before diving into something brilliant, consider the above factors to see if you can do something in your favor.