Total Economic Impact™ do ADP Global Payroll

Total Economic Impact™ do ADP Global Payroll

For many organizations, payroll remains within the blind spot of the transformation. But looking at payroll from a new angle can reveal new opportunities for efficiency, productivity and cost savings – factors that we can no longer afford to ignore.

Whether COVID-19 was “almost an accident” or a wake-up call for your company, the attention of many financial leaders now turns to risk mitigation, business resilience and operational optimization. Read our guide to find out how a change in approach to compensation can help improve these key business areas.

And find out how the modernization of payroll can allow:

The transformation to a more strategic operation
Reducing costs associated with payroll processing
Reducing the complexity of compliance management for an international company
The creation of an agile system capable of adapting quickly to changes

The guide also takes you through the three phases of payroll modernization: optimization, visibility and agility. Everything so that you can prepare your company for this process.