First Energy Hires Digitial Marketing Consultant in 2021

First Energy Hires Digitial Marketing Consultant in 2021

First Energy Hires Digitial Marketing Consultant:

First Energy Metals Ltd. (CSE: FE) (“First Energy” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has engaged Sidis Holdings Limited (“Sidis”) and Maynard Communications Limited (“Maynard”) to provide communications services. The business services offered by Sidis and Maynard include, but are not limited to, SEO, digital media brands, media consulting, general business development, multimedia services, and project management. services Comprehensive advertising program is designed to increase brand awareness, general recognition, and exposure for content platforms for online investors

The contract runs from June 14, 2021, until the completion of the digital media marketing campaign and related media purchases. The company pays Sidis $ 300,000 over a period of 30 months for the above services. Additionally, the company will pay Maynard $ 300,000 over a 6-month period. First Energy may decide to promote these costs in cash.

Each of the above parties is a business consultant engaged in digital marketing, mainly using Google advertising, digital media, business consulting, brands, and strategic business services for the company. Neither First Energy nor its directors, officers, or employees have a direct or indirect interest in Sidis or Maynard or their titles, or any right or intention to acquire such interest.

Additionally, the company is pleased to announce that it is nearing the milestone of its initial proprietary lithium drilling program in August. To date, First Energy has drilled 23 holes in the Lithium Augustus Prospect and Canada, for a total diameter of 4,063 meters. To date, August has drilled 12 holes and Canada Lithium Prospect has drilled 11. Both surface exploration and drilling have so far shown encouraging results and, with this in mind, First Energy will expand the drilling program by another 5,000 meters.

Finally, the company wants to advertise a $ 1,000,000 unsecured private placement loan. The loan consists of the issue of a maximum of 2,985,074 at 0.335 cents each. Each unit consists of one common stock plus a return guarantee for the purchase of additional common stock at $ 0.40 cents for a period of 24 months.

The resources will be used for the exploration and development of mining properties and for the general working capital of the company. One or more existing insiders may participate in the loan approved by independent directors. The company uses a related party waiver of MI 61-101.

The closure of the proposed private placement is conditional on obtaining all necessary approvals, including the CSE and all other regulatory approvals. Securities are subject to a retention period of four months plus one day in accordance with applicable security laws.

About First Energy Metals Limited.

First Energy Metals is a Canadian mining company with the primary goal of acquiring a portfolio of mining houses for various commodities. Its purpose is to identify mining prospects in North America in the precious metals, base metals, and industrial metals sectors.

The company’s strategy is:

• Acquire and execute projects through early-stage research and exploration.

• Seek joint venture partnerships to fund future research and project development.

• Create shareholder value through successful research.

First Energy will continue to expand its portfolio to more commodities through organic acquisitions of new projects and opportunities with the aim of adding value and projects over time.

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