Marketing Has Launched A 4-Month Advertising Certification Program

Marketing Has Launched A 4-Month Advertising Certification Program

Billy Gene, CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing, launched a new certification program for advertising. The four-month intensive program is designed for candidates who want to start a career in advertising and marketing departments who want to advertise their business in-house.

The Certified Advertising Genius program is offered in weekly classes, but it is not a typical classroom environment. It is a ‘million dollar experience’.

Each class is streamed directly from the million-dollar studio and offers a 15’8 “by 9’5” LED wall and online experience with multiple cameras, 25 luxurious seats, a production assistant, and a program designed to educate students. students. to the real world.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 80% of companies collapsed in the first decade. There are 400 million small businesses worldwide. Companies need customers in difficult times. Hopefully, they expect more customers. With more than $ 121 billion in Internet advertising by 2020, world-class advertisers are very popular.

Billy Gene and his in-house marketing team will help students develop the skills needed to help companies reach customers through direct response ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The program is designed to help them develop new ads and attract perfect customers on a regular and predictable basis.

 this certification costs $ 5,000 and takes four months to complete. Billy Gene will teach the class in person and the classes will be small and private. To qualify for the advertising certification, applications must be submitted by May 4, 2021. Students can participate almost or in person at Billy Gene Is Marketing’s headquarters in downtown San Diego.

The start is in November 2021 and a special guest will give a conference. There is no going back here, but you follow this guy and he is a game-changer when it comes to business growth.

Those interested in obtaining Billy Gene Is Marketing certification should contact an enrollment consultant by phone.

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