Looking To IT to Empower Your Business? Here Are 6 Critical Factors You Must Consider

Looking To IT to Empower Your Business? Here Are 6 Critical Factors You Must Consider

IT has always been about strengthening the business, but the process of choosing and choosing solutions has changed significantly with the rise of self-service and cloud computing. IT departments are no longer the first, last, and only word to decide which products to buy.

Business decision-makers, line of business executives, developers, and others outside of traditional IT are more involved than ever in the purchasing process and often use the self-service capabilities that public cloud providers provide to get what they want without necessarily consulting.

Forrester Research describes it as a new era in technology procurement, spurred by empowered business leaders “more involved in technology decisions than ever before”. Forrester’s Jay McBain said two-thirds of technology decisions today are made through business people.

This shift creates a new paradigm for both business decision-makers and departments. There is less emphasis on specifications and product speeds and feeds, and more emphasis on what the technology can actually do for the business.

As business decision-makers become more involved, many people realize that it is a mistake to exclude from the process. Buyers must ensure that their solutions not only meet their business needs, but also fit into the organization’s management, security, and compliance processes.

The key is for business decision-makers to work to make the right decisions for their specific part of the business, as well as for the overall organization. In this article, we look at six critical common areas for both business people and decision-makers when it comes to investing in technology solutions to address modern digital business challenges.