API Stack Connected2Fiber

API Stack Connected2Fiber

Connected2Fiber provides a powerful API stack for use by developers and users to quickly access the extensive data stored in The Connected World. Connected2Fiber APIs are used for a variety of applications, from address validation to verifying the service features of certain providers.

Connected2Fiber’s availability engine API enables network service providers to share their service options, products, and prices with their partners by location.

With the Availability Engine API Stack, network service providers can now advertise their latest service offering to their business partners by giving those partners personal access to their Connected World institution. The serviceability and pricing of products per location and per partner can be communicated directly to partners through queries that support one or more locations simultaneously.

The purpose of the Availability Engine API is to enable Connected2Fiber customers to digitally provide their partners and wholesale ecosystem with location data related to their network. Using different APIs, the entire customer ecosystem is kept up to date with the service options and prices per location, and a notification is given when, for example, one of the customers’ buildings moves from near network to internet.

From a partner perspective, the availability engine provides partners with easy access via inquiries to a network provider’s service facilities, the products they have available at those locations, and their prices per location. This makes it much easier for partners to work with network service providers that use The Connected World to manage their usable buildings, offers, and pricing.