Every company is a content company: Tuesday’s daily brief

Every company is a content company: Tuesday’s daily brief

It was last year (or a century ago) that all kinds of companies announced, “Are we really a software company?” I think it was based on my memory from Amazon to Airbnb, Uber to WeWork. When we crossed the border in the spring of 2021, I saw content companies everywhere.

The Equinox Group is a classic example of a company that invests a lot to stay close to breathing bodies. When that turned out to be impossible, they turned to Equinox Media’s digital business and improved their online and application-based practice games.

 there are many examples of this: the question is whether it is a permanent change. Josh Rappaport of Equinox Media is probably right. The commitment to the future will be hybrid

How Equinox went from club to content

For the Equinox group, 2020 was the year in which gyms were replaced by fitness content. Equinox Group itself and the brands it owns, including SoulCycle and Blink Fitness, built a business around employee training, something that was simply not feasible.

“To take a step back,” said Josh Rappaport, director of post-production and publishing at Equinox Media, “it is important to note that although there was a lot of preparation and work on our products in 2019, it was not 2020. was not. was it not, it was Equinox + that offered a unique platform with two products: the mobile app Equinox + and the SoulCycle home bike.

The Equinox + program will always be available to non-members, but the pandemic has accelerated the pace. Equinox Media already uses Airtable, the low-code collaboration service, but the pandemic has stopped producing, forcing the company, like so many others, to reconsider its guidelines and priorities. This has had the benefit of removing the content team, reviewing the workflow, and changing the tools for employee integration.

But Equinox not only restores the customer’s experience in a temporary situation. “We believe the future of fitness is a hybrid of digital and physical experiences,” Rappaport said. The pandemic led to the forced testing of the digital implant and accelerated a change in consumer behavior. However, we know that our consumers still want real experiences, which is why our membership is based on the knowledge that members need to be flexible in their terms.

Airtable serves business teams across the board, but today announced a solution specifically designed for marketers to orchestrate campaigns and launch and measure results, as well as workflow management and creative outcomes approval.

The Airtable migration

Airtable has already been implemented by the Equinox Media content team as a project management tool. Rappaport (Equinox Media division in 2019) had the advantage of being a startup and we had the flexibility to act quickly and define processes to maximize success. We called this ‘Airtable Migration’ about three months ago. The goal was to analyze all the successful components and integrate them into our ecosystem, to address the weaknesses and system needed to redefine Airtable’s workflow.

The pandemic, like so many others, interrupted the project’s production and determined the direction and priorities. But it had the benefit of removing the content team, reviewing workflows, and collaborating with the integrated team. There were a number of key elements in the new implementation:

• A basic basis for each partner to guarantee privacy;

• Contact the agency to make the content available to the public and take the time to complete your work;

• Dive into the basics of collecting all information in one place and provide a comprehensive view of the content of Equinox +;

• The creation of a production tracking system for publishing APIs, which reduces publication time by 400%; Your

• Time file that provides information about how long each piece of content has been completed (complete content, revised content, marketing resources, etc.), bottlenecks along the way, and how the team works with it (develops).

Best practices for virtual meetings

– Take care of your “personal production value”. Your appearance and sound on your equipment are not just about looking good, but also about respecting others during your virtual meeting.

– If you go offline due to boring meetings, virtual meetings will get even worse. You can be ready in advance for a presentation or meeting. This is not the case for virtual meetings. You need a program and any divorce will be strengthened. The authors point out that personally, we are faster. In the digital world, we need to certify all phases of a meeting for the benefit of our colleagues.

– The camera is your channel. Focus not only on your eyes but also on your energy through the lens to create a connection with the people you meet.

– Don’t rely too much on virtual meetings. Hemorrhoid fatigue is one thing. Not all touchpoints require video interaction to proceed with the next action.

– End subsequent meetings. Everyone needs a break, especially when people have fewer social interactions to calm down and maintain balance. A study in this book showed that it takes five minutes to recover from a good meeting and 17 minutes from a bad meeting.

– Put more humanity in the meetings. Start meetings with simple greetings and concerns. Question: “How are you?” This type of social lubrication was available at the royal offices, at the water cooler, or at the table. Smart vendors will reintroduce these important elements of office culture into their virtual meetings.