Raise your event handout game: Thursday’s daily brief

Raise your event handout game: Thursday’s daily brief

A lot has changed for marketers in the past year, both positively and negatively. This is clear from our second story below, which includes a marketing survey at Sitecore, USA. Positive: 77% of respondents said they saw the innovations last year and were able to create a stack of more advanced technologies.

We would like to investigate this, but we need your help. Did you replace the programs in your tech stack last year? Do you switch from old developed applications to commercial solutions (or vice versa)? And what impact did these changes have on your team?

Yes, it’s time for Martech’s replacement survey. Can I ask you for three minutes of your time to finish here? We will of course share the results. Here’s a look at last year’s data.

Accelerate the ABM customer journey

For Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic, the recently launched Journey Acceleration Measurement reflects the changing nature of B2B marketing. “Even before the pandemic,” he told us, “B2B marketers are becoming more and more responsible for marketing and branding, but also for car growth. This is more in line with the focus on sales and revenues. growing marketing we work with.

Pepperjam is a leading lifecycle marketing platform that measures the pace of travel conditions. Maura Smith, senior vice president of marketing at Pepperjam, cites some benefits of the solution: “Measuring the efficiency of paid media channels to reach target accounts, accelerate pipeline operations and generate revenue is critical,” he said. . “In addition, clear information about the leads generated and the resulting impact on sales is needed to demonstrate the direct contribution of marketing to the growth of the new business.”

There is also a significant saving of time and effort. “We were able to save countless hours per month that would otherwise have been spent on data collection and analysis,” Smith said. O’Regan explained, “Existing customers, who are not in beta, work with the marketing team. They need to collect data; they need to consider taking marketing initiatives.” they have to collect spreadsheets; they have to set the command manually and then go through CRM, sign the accounts and fill them out. With the time it takes to do this, you can no longer optimize.

Most American marketers have been preparing for this in the past few years

Surprisingly, 59% of US marketers have declined at least once in the past year, while 79% describe the pandemic as the busiest time in their careers. This is the most disturbing statistic in a new survey of 400 marketers Advanis did for the Sitecore digital experience platform.

The reasons for the statistics are not hard to find: 80% said their responsibilities have increased significantly in the past year, under pressure from management, unrealistic deadlines, and sudden strategic changes. Interestingly, marketers are also under pressure from changes in consumer behavior. Based on a sample of 1,000 consumers, the survey found that up to 70% of consumers would leave a website if they couldn’t find the item with one click.

Because we care. We can be very close to the events of 2020 to fully assess its impact on work environments and careers – we are still struggling to understand the extent of the impact on health. There are many digital transformation stories, and the acceptance of collaboration and digital engagement by marketing and other business teams certainly offers long-term benefits. But there was a human cost along the way.

Another type of conference waiver

Are you talking about an upcoming event? Have you ever thought about preparing a pantry or food for the audience, as well as a copy of your presentation? Your presentation is ideal for visitors who come back and remember what you offered. A brochure that visitors use repeatedly to help them in their work and that your brand has can be very useful to them.

remember a process, procedure, structure, or other tips you have learned to do their job better.

Here are some tips to help with your educational session or presentation.

1. It should be specific, useful, and help the public to do something better in their work. These are not just a few remarks or highlights from the presentation. It must be focused, action-oriented and task-oriented.

2. Consider the best format for the information or business for which you are creating a mail medium. Possible formats include a step-by-step process, flow chart, checklist, decision table, and spreadsheets.

3. Design it to express fun, aesthetically pleasing, and easy. In other words, create something that people want to place in their office. There are many tools that facilitate the creation of a work assistant.

So the next time you go to a virtual meeting or hopefully a personal event, consider organizing a business exchange to get participants doing a good job at the end of the day.

B2B digital transformation in numbers

A new study published by e-commerce platform Sana Commerce found that 94% of respondents agree that most manufacturers will change their market strategy by 2021 (12% were digital-only). The research was conducted in collaboration with Sapio Research. The main conclusions:

• On average, about 50% of total revenue is generated via online channels;

• 45% saw an increase in sales due to investments in digital strategies;

• 67% sell directly to consumers;

• 63% of B2B retailers sell through markets like Amazon.com;

• 63% report the purchase of a third-party e-commerce platform (SaaS, licensed or local application); To be

• 52% say they use a self-built (built and maintained) e-commerce platform