Take the Martech Replacement Survey

Take the Martech Replacement Survey

Much has changed over the past year, but how has it affected the martech stack?

Many things have changed over the past year, including marketing and marketing activities. In a new survey Advanis conducted for Sitecore, 80% of marketers in the United States said their responsibilities have increased significantly over the past year, in the context of management pressures, unrealistic deadlines, and sudden strategic changes.

The survey found that marketers also feel pressured by changes in consumer behavior. Based on a sample of 1,000 consumers, the survey found that up to 70% of consumers would leave a website if they could not find what they wanted with one click. There is no doubt that the hypothesis that changes in consumer behavior have also put pressure on B2B marketers.

What a long and strange year for digital marketing. Martech is only one element in this photo, but it is an important element. Digital transformation, which has become more than just a buzzword, definitely needs a lot of marketing teams to expand the technology stack. This can mean reliable solutions that start quickly and add value. This could mean accelerated innovation in the technology stack. Some companies may have strict budget constraints, while others have found that 2020 was the year to open the home.

Look at the results of last year’s survey.

We would like to analyze the impact of the business environment over the past 12 months, but we need your help. Did you replace the programs in your technology stack last year? Have you switched from old home applications to business solutions (or vice versa)? And what impact have these changes had on your team?

This brings us to research on replacing Martech. It only takes three minutes to complete, and the results will help us all understand as a community of Martech users and viewers what Microsoft Satya Nadella looks like, two years of digital transformation in two months last year.

2020 Replacement Survey: What Motivates Marketers to Switch from Programs to Sellers

Two contrasting dynamics were the catalyst for the research:

The number of marketing technology applications and martech vendors has skyrocketed over the past five years. Human behavior and the laws of physics, especially the inertia of organizations, remain constant: new applications of marketing techniques are being designed, and the possibilities of existing ones are evolving faster than organizations can absorb them.

In addition, 83% of respondents reported that their organization had updated or replaced at least one Martech application in the past twelve months. This report reveals the motivations and processes that lead organizations to replace business-critical market applications and why they are important to marketers and marketing technology providers.