Video advertising for FMCG brands

Video advertising for FMCG brands

In a saturated and highly competitive market, with increasing rationalization in supermarkets, FMCG’s marketing teams are shifting from a short-term focus on price promotion to long-term brand growth. Current marketing thinking is driving a movement toward creating emotionally motivated campaigns. Getting known on TV is still relevant, but since the mobile video is a powerful way to connect emotionally, it’s no surprise that more and more marketing strategies are being developed around video production and activation.

 The world’s population is spreading and enriching every day, especially the middle class and rural areas, offering great untapped opportunities for FMCG players. Combining the FMCG market with the current digital environment improves the way FMCG products can conquer wider market segments while keeping your videos and online presence intact and your already strong market position.



Nestlé is a dynamic company with eight factories and a large number of packers supplying high-quality products to consumers in India and is committed to long-term sustainable growth and shareholder satisfaction. Nestlé has set up milk collection centers that not only ensure immediate collection and fair prices but also instill confidence in the EU dairy sector. The FMCG video shows how Nestlé has become a leader in the consumer goods industry and can vary endlessly with existing products.

Video by J&J FMCG

The Johnson & Johnson family of consumer businesses offers the widest range of consumer health products in the world. Consumers and health professionals around the world rely on baby care, skin care, oral hygiene, wound care, over-the-counter products, and women’s health. By meeting needs and creating solutions and experiences, people can lead healthy and vibrant lives. FMCG’s marketing video builds on J & J’s steady growth, offering health and healing, wellness, and beauty products to consumers of all ages.

Video of Lavit Drink FMCG

Lavit offers individual cooling systems for the commercial and retail markets in the United States. The Lavit system allows users to place recyclable aluminum capsules to create a variety of healthy and tasty drinks, with iced tea, lemonade, flavored water, and energy and sports drinks that can be prepared with or without gas. The FMCG video sheds light on the many healthy drinks available at the click of a button.

Kellogg’s FMCG video

The Kellogg Initiative aims to enrich and enchant the world with foods and brands that matter. The goal is to keep feeding families so they can thrive and thrive. And they create an environment where they can push boundaries and create foods and brands that offer the best for everyone, everywhere. The FMCG video shows how thoughtful and devoted to these ideals, he defends the founder’s commitment to people and their well-being.

Nutrilite FMCG video

Amway has enabled people to build better lives for themselves and their families through financial and risky activities. Amway’s Nutrilite uses plant concentrates, many plant products grown on our certified organic farms, and premium vitamins and minerals from around the world to meet our exacting quality. The FMCG video shows how Nutrilite uses its leading nutritional science to address issues such as childhood malnutrition.

Starbucks FMCG Video

Starbucks offers its premium homemade coffee. Starbucks is known for its focus on the quality of the best beans in Latin America. They focus on braai that contains all the flavors of these grains. They travel the world in search of good coffee. This global coffee chain hopes to become a brand of the FMCG family. The FMCG video shows Starbucks entering the FMCG market with its new blended coffee.

Make sure FMCG

Assure-Active drinks are one of the largest producers of nutritious drinks with different flavors. Make sure you provide the nourishing energy and strength you need to stay active and strong. The FMCG video shows the nutrients in the drink they produce and how it differs from others

Fairlife FMCG video

Coca-Cola’s Fair life believes in improving every step because it is the right thing to do. They can locate their milk on the farms they come from and treat it with care at every stage. This means sustainable agriculture and agricultural innovation to ensure the future of our planet. And that means you get health, vitality, and better nutrition through the healthy simplicity of real milk. The FMCG video shows the ongoing efforts to improve the quality and nutritional value of milk.