Algorithms and the Future of Digital Marketing in 2021

Algorithms and the Future of Digital Marketing in 2021

Algorithms and the Future of Digital Marketing:

Some of us may remember a time when artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven marketing, and the use of natural language processing (NLP) in search engine optimization (SEO) were considered ambitious concepts that were limited to ridicule. These innovative digital marketing trends are one of the most discussed and implemented practices in companies that want to keep up with today’s competition.

We just need to see how much has changed over the past year to see how important it is to keep up with the latest trends in marketing technology (MarTech). One of these trends we want to highlight is the use of algorithms and automation of marketing, which has been a boon for marketers lately as consumers move from traditional to digital media. How exactly it works, however, is often not well understood, even by industry experts!

During the webinar, we conducted a simple survey among more than 100 viewers and found that only 14% identified themselves as experts for marketing automation.

And while there are many definitions of how algorithms work in marketing, Miguel explained that this ultimately means sending the right message to the right audience through the right channel at the right time. He also stated that there are three important things that marketers need to consider when dealing with marketing automation:

 1 ad fraud

• Between 30-60% of digital advertising impressions are fraudulent, invisible, or lost

2 The black box of morality

• Marketers have no idea which buy signals work and which do not … And interestingly, some marketers do not care.

3 Top Funnel Trends

• Marketers tend to invest heavily in acquiring new customers compared to existing customers

Our second webinar survey asked the audience to determine how advanced they would see the level of marketing automation in their business. This survey found that only 32% believe their business is ‘advanced enough’, while the remaining 68% said they are still in the early stages of implementation. It is worrying that no one believes that the level of marketing automation is at an advanced stage.

to consider

Some of us can comfort them with the fact that creativity is a unique human trait that cannot be replaced. Well, here’s what to think. In 2016, during the Rio2 Olympics, there was the world premiere of AI-powered writing. The Washington Post covers 300 transactions with Heliograph, its artificial intelligence software. Once the data was available, whether it was a weather event, sporting event, or earnings report, the AI-based system created an article. These robot-generated articles have been published along with other articles written by humans. Interestingly, no one noticed the difference!

As you can see, these can be things that were once considered outside the realm of algorithms, automation, and artificial intelligence! And while we are at this point … Are you sure this article was not written by a bot?

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