Jabmo Unveils ROI Analysis Toolset for Its Account-Based Marketing Platform

Jabmo Unveils ROI Analysis Toolset for Its Account-Based Marketing Platform

New toolset enables B2B marketers to measure the return on investment (ROI) of campaigns through test and control groups 

Jabmo, the leading provider of Account-based Marketing (ABM) solutions to the manufacturing and life sciences industries, announces the general availability of its ROI Analysis Toolset. A new integral feature in its ABM platform, the toolset enables B2B marketers in complex sales organizations to measure the impact of their marketing efforts in a controlled, scientific manner.

Namely, the ROI Analysis Toolset provides a comparative analysis of how effective ABM campaigns are in growing business with target accounts compared to a control group of accounts with no account-based marketing. This analysis helps marketers prove their value to stakeholders and obtain more budget to expand profitable ABM programs.

Nick Heys, CEO of Jabmo, said, “The ROI Analysis Toolset uses a scientific method for isolating a control group of key accounts and treating them the same way you always have in terms of marketing, then comparing that to a small subset of target accounts that you’re doing ABM on. The ROI Toolset not only measures short-term marketing KPIs, such as reach and engagement uplift, but it also measures how the campaign is impacting the sales pipeline, win rates, deal sizes, revenue, and profit contribution. This is a surefire method for modern B2B marketers to double down on their most successful ABM strategies.”

Proving Marketing Impact    

Most Jabmo customers are already leveraging and benefiting from the ROI Analysis Toolset. One customer, a global leader in life sciences, recently decided to double their investments in ABM following an ROI analysis of a pilot ABM program.

The company saw a 67 percent uplift in marketing engagement from its ABM accounts vs. its non-ABM control group and 18% higher win rates from ABM target accounts. The global leader in life sciences now knows that the more ABM with target accounts, the higher the sales success and marketing ROI.

The ROI Analysis Toolset is included in the Jabmo ABM Platform and is part of Jabmo’s ongoing commitment to building the leading modern B2B marketing platform for manufacturers, life sciences and other emerging client areas.

Tav Tepfer, chief customer officer, Jabmo, said, “B2B marketers have struggled to take their legacy marketing automation and lead generation programs to the next level in the Buying Group Era. With this new toolset, we give marketers clear metrics to definitively show the value of ABM. It’s compelling to see our sponsors use these metrics to secure greater budgets to expand their ABM programs immediately to impact 2021.”